Robert Jeffress Weighs In on the End Times and the Biblical Timeline

Pastor Robert Jeffress of First Baptist Dallas offers insights into Christian preparation for the End Times.

He emphasizes the importance of focusing on a personal relationship with Jesus Christ rather than attempting to predict specific dates. Jeffress believes Christians “wear” the righteousness of Christ, a gift through faith, and should not rely on their own good deeds for salvation.

Common Misconceptions and the Need for Readiness

Pastor Jeffress addressed three prevalent misconceptions about the End Times:

  • Fanaticism: Attempts to pinpoint the exact date of the Rapture or Second Coming of Christ can lead to obsessive interpretations of current events. Jesus himself warned against this, stating that no one knows the day or hour of his return.
  • Fatalism: This dangerous belief suggests that because Christ’s return is inevitable, there is no need for personal action or spiritual growth in our lives.
  • Cynicism: Some dismiss the prophecies altogether, believing that repeated predictions of Christ’s return over the centuries prove them false.

Jeffress counters these misconceptions, urging Christians to live lives of “holy conduct and godliness” as they continuously anticipate Christ’s return. This active preparation reflects the consistent theme throughout Scripture.

The Rapture and the Second Coming

The pastor clarifies that the next prophetic event on the biblical timeline is the Rapture of the Church. As described in 1 Thessalonians 4, believers will be “caught up together… to meet the Lord in the air.” Importantly, there are no unfulfilled prophecies required for the Rapture to happen – it could occur at any moment.

Jeffress distinguishes the Rapture from the Second Coming of Christ, detailed in Revelation 19, which will take place seven years later.

Key Takeaway

Pastor Jeffress highlights the importance of Christians living in a state of readiness for the End Times. This means focusing on their relationship with Jesus Christ and actively demonstrating faith through their actions, rather than engaging in speculation, inaction, or dismissal.

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    Doesn’t Matthew 24:14 have to be fulfilled before the end times?

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