Show Me Your Look of Love

Prayer based on: Isaiah 43,4

It is night and I can not sleep. It happens to me rarely. Some kind of strange anxiety. As it remains there, I turn to Jesus. I open the Bible and the words comfort:

Since you are precious and honored in my sight, and because I love you, I will give people in exchange for you, nations in exchange for your life.

I am specially attentive to words “ my sight”.

Truly, how many times do I let Jesus to speak to me through His mercy-full, loving-full eyes that look over me with kindness, affection and peace?

Or in other words, how many times do I let Jesus to overwhelm me in such a way that I could have the same look of love when meeting other people?

Not often enough.

I invite you to close your eyes with me and let His sight embrace you. Let it touch the spots where it hurts the most and longs for full acceptance.

Do you remember times, when the look of the close-one hurt you hard? Maybe many times, on several different occasions? I do.

Now it is the time to bring these looks in front of our Lord. Jesus, we give You all those looks that have hurt us in any way and made us feel rejected, condemned, filthy, envy.  Wash them in your mercy-full heart and let us see your mercy and affectionate eyes only.

There are times I can be too strict to myself – over my looks, work, occupation, needs. A lot of these accusations come form the billboards, TV and internet commercials, films. From things that drag me away from the sight of Jesus. Do you ever feel the same?

Then it’s the time to give this to our Lord. Jesus, we would like to give up to all these infused looks and ask You to build a new, loving and affectionate sight for us and everything that surrounds us.

The hardest thing is to admit that our looks are not always attentive, affectionate and loving. And yours?

Now it is time to realize that and forgive ourselves for the looks which hurt others. Holy Spirit, we ask You to search for all those moments in our lives and give grace to people that have been hurt by us.

Let us conclude with this request:

O Father, we ask You to give us Your mercy-full look which we would like to use and gaze the same at others. Jesus, give us the gentleness of Your gaze, we would like to share it with others. The Holy Spirit, fill us with power, love and patience to watch the others lovingly and favorably.


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