Physics Titan Peter Higgs, Who Theorized the ‘God Particle,’ Dies at 94

Nobel Prize-winning physicist Peter Higgs, renowned for his theoretical work on the Higgs boson, has died at age 94. Higgs, an emeritus professor at the University of Edinburgh, passed away at his home in Scotland following a short illness.

In 1964, Higgs proposed the existence of a subatomic particle that would become known as the Higgs boson. This particle is a crucial piece in the Standard Model of particle physics, as it explains how other particles acquire mass – a fundamental force in the universe.

Higgs’s revolutionary theory triggered a global scientific quest spanning decades. The existence of the Higgs boson was finally confirmed in 2012 through experiments at the Large Hadron Collider in Switzerland. This monumental discovery led to Higgs and fellow physicist François Englert receiving the 2013 Nobel Prize in Physics.

Higgs’s legacy in the field of physics is profound, shaping our understanding of the universe on a fundamental level.

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