Nicaraguan Pastors Hit with $80M Fines, Locked Up Without Evidence After Massive Revival

An American missionary, Britt Hancock, and his family, along with 11 Christian leaders, are embroiled in a legal battle in Nicaragua, accused of money laundering and organized crime. The charges follow a series of evangelistic events in 2023 that drew over a million attendees.

Mountain Gateway Order, Inc., founded by Hancock, organized the events, which began in February and ended in November. However, arrests of key leaders ensued a month after the last gathering, with accusations of aggravated money laundering.

ADF International attorney Kristina Hjelkrem, representing Mountain Gateway, asserts the government lacks evidence for the charges and has hindered attempts to prove innocence.

Prison sentences could reach 12 to 15 years, coupled with unprecedented fines of up to $80 million per person. Hancock, his son, and daughter-in-law are among those charged.

Mountain Gateway refutes the allegations, citing adherence to legal requirements. Hancock believes the government’s harsh response stems from the events’ widespread impact, overshadowing official narratives.

While Hancock and his family returned to the U.S. safely, the detained leaders faced alarming conditions in maximum-security prisons, deprived of contact with family, legal representation, and medical assistance, raising concerns for their well-being.

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