Planet Fitness Faces Backlash for Banning Member over Trans Locker Room Policy

The gym franchise Planet Fitness, co-founded by Michael Grondahl, is facing controversy over its policy of allowing biological men into women’s locker rooms.

In a recent interview with Chaya Raichik, Grondahl expressed disappointment in the direction the gym has taken, citing a specific incident in Alaska involving a member named Patricia Silva who was banned after raising concerns about a trans-identified individual using the women’s facilities.

The situation garnered attention after Silva’s story went viral, leading to a decline in respect for Planet Fitness. Grondahl, who founded the gym as a welcoming space for those intimidated by traditional fitness centers, emphasized the importance of creating a judgment-free environment.

However, he criticized the current interpretation of this principle, which now includes allowing men access to women’s locker rooms.

Following Silva’s expulsion and a subsequent incident involving a 12-year-old girl feeling uncomfortable in the presence of a trans-identified individual, Grondahl expressed frustration with the gym’s direction.

He also mentioned his departure from the company in 2012 after reporting misconduct within the private equity firm that acquired Planet Fitness.

The controversy has had financial repercussions for Planet Fitness, with the company’s stock value plummeting and the emergence of internal issues coming to light.

Despite the challenges, Grondahl remains vocal about the need to address these concerns and restore the gym’s original values.

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