Prayer: He Has a Plan for Me

Sometimes, praying is hard since I know I must change things. This requires strength or at least a wish to change.

To give up your plans and accept the God’s plan is a great adventure.

I have been richly rewarded each time I have listened to God’s voice and followed His plan—with new challenges, new grace, and wonderful joy.

However, I find myself constantly choosing to follow Him or to retreat to my little place, according to my visions and wishes.

I found myself in the same situation yesterday, but then I remembered these words from the Bible:

I will bless you with a future filled with hope—a future of success, not of suffering. (Jr 29,11)

What joy it is to have a Father who knows my further path and His promise of a prosperous future for me.

When I am overwhelmed by discouragement, disappointment, or sadness, this word inspires me to listen to the Lord. It always strengthens me to take new steps and fills me with renewed power and enthusiasm.

Sit in front of your Lord and listen to what He has to say about His plans for your life and your future.

If you carry too much of the unsaid inside you, trust Him with your worries, visions, and expectations first. Do not be afraid to express anger and sadness.

He will be able to absorb all your feelings. This is part of the plan, a plan to heal and to stay in touch with God.

He is not a tyrant but the Father who longs for you and knows you better than you know yourself.

Now, you can sincerely ask Him about His plans for you.

Let us pray together:

Lord, thank You because You have the best plan for me. I wish to take life the way You offer it to me. Lord, I commend You on my life. You know how incomplete I am. Help me overcome all internal barriers, perceptions, and challenges that stop me from being obedient to You. Send me Your Holy Spirit to strengthen me and give me strength to fulfill Your will. Send me people who will encourage me on this path and strengthen my faith and trust in You.

Thank You, Lord, for all You do inside me, and I praise You for Your love and power! For Your gift of a new life and a plan in which I enter … (thank the Lord for everything you can think of.)

Lord, I thank You for the new hope You brought into my life. Amen.

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