What is a 30 Days Prayer Request?

Prayer requests can take different forms, methods, and even duration. A 30 days prayer request is a prayer request meant to be prayed over a 30-day period.

Just like any other prayer, this prayer request can be prayed alone, or shared with a friend, a church group, or prayer teams/networks.

It is all about committing to praying a particular prayer consistently within the stipulated time, trusting God for an earnest result in one area of life or another.

Some things to note when sharing a 30-Days Prayer Request

When sharing any prayer request, there are some important things to note. These things will help everyone you are giving the opportunity to pray with you understand better how to do so.

For example, when you share your prayer request with our team at Operando:

  1. Our volunteers and site visitors from all over the world will devote themselves to pray over each for as long as is possible.
  1. We want you to know where our confidence comes from. And it is from the fact that we have tested and seen and have come to believe that God answers prayer. Hence, we are sure He will answer yours as well.
  1. You do not necessarily need to repost the prayer request everyday for those 30 days. Since it is there on the wall, it will always be prayed on by our intercessors.

While taking a 30 days prayer request, you might decide to observe a fast if you feel led to do so, which is not compulsory. The most important thing is to believe that God will answer your prayers according to His will, and give you a miracle.

Feel free to share your prayer with us

We want you to know that we love you, and we want to see you living in the purpose of God for your life. 

Our site visitors and passionate volunteers are continually praying over hundreds of prayers regularly, and we are constantly receiving testimonies of prayer answers from them. We believe that you will receive your testimony too. Let us join our faith with yours.

Post your prayer requests here today.

19 responses to “What is a 30 Days Prayer Request?”

  1. angie L towns Avatar
    angie L towns

    I need prayer in evrry area of my life I am struggling with a lot I need prayer in victory I possible odds in every one of my a situations for things to get better and for Gods protection and even being protected in my jobs over my jome and over my pets and restoration with my family for God to open doors of communication again thank you

    1. Jamye Avatar

      Lord I pray that You will move in every area of Angie’s life give her favor and victory in her family on her jobs with her pets and everything that concerns her give her peace You work mighty in her life reveal yourself to her in Jesus name Amen

  2. Elizabeth Bannerman Avatar
    Elizabeth Bannerman

    I will like to sincerely thank you for your prayer help for me Elizabeth Bannerman during and my still Radioaktive Therapy treatment of Breast Cancer and the spread to other bodily parts. i will be very grateful and thankful for your further prayer help for my treatment and full recovery through the Complete and permanent Godly healing through the pleading blood and name of Jesus Amen.

  3. angie L Towns Avatar
    angie L Towns

    I am believing God for a bran new job to move forward I am really in need to do better financially being able to tithe and pay my bills on time and to serve God first before anything else my desire is to move forward in my job

  4. Lare Avatar

    Please pray for me I have chronic abdominal pain and migraines help please Jesus help

    1. Jamye Avatar

      Lord I ask that You will touch Lare’s body Satan you take your hands off of his mind body and spirit in Jesus name read Psalm 91 every day and night and believe that you are healed

    2. Rosa Avatar

      Need a miracle for my lower back and legs and knee and sciatica, I gave lot of pain please please pray and believe God with me . I’m a Christian and I love Jesus with all of my heart!!

  5. Rebecca Avatar

    Rebecca – I pray for forgiveness and that my medical problems get better such as hormonal probs endocrine probs such as diabetes and thyroid . Healing and remission

  6. Wayne Avatar

    Pray that God would bring total healing to my whole body. Pray that the blood of Jesus Christ will cover God’s destiny for my life. Thanks! Wayne

    1. Jamye Avatar

      Lord we ask that You will touch Wayne’s body mind soul and spirit we plead the blood of Jesus over his destiny and we believe that he will accomplish great things in his life and You will get all the glory in Jesus name Amen

  7. Wayne Avatar

    Pray that my cousins new born named August will grow up to be a devoted Christian who will serve God whole heartedly all the days of his life. Thanks! Wayne

  8. angie L towns Avatar
    angie L towns

    I need prayer that things are going to get better in my life .Also praying for Gods protection and his favor over my situations and praying for my brother and his wife to get back to gether both of them are very important to me. And for my sister to be healed and to be able to walk again without struggling thank you

  9. FJ Avatar

    Please pray that God protect and cover, Shawnette A, at work. Pray that God nullify the efforts of the adversary in her work place and no harm will befall her. Pray that (S.A) work environment is safe and peaceful, and God’s presence is there. Amen. Thank you.

  10. Rene Garcia Avatar
    Rene Garcia

    Please pray for Alejandra Ramos and healing in her heart and sexual relationship that she has been heart befor salvation in her life and for me Rene Garcia healing in my past we are believing God to heal us and as we seek him and asking him for his blessings to be husband and wife we wat to get married

  11. j Avatar

    Father,  help me, You knows my pain , You knows how long I have waited a reconcilitation for me and him. God if you deign, please God soften and touch damianus aditya christie heart for me

  12. Taryn DeCicco Avatar
    Taryn DeCicco

    Heavenly Father,
    Please fill me with Your life, love and presence. Please surround me with Your peace. Please help me to see my worthiness in your eyes.
    Please heal me from the top of my head to the soles of my feet. Please release me from all vestiges of the past and fill me with optimism for the future. Please free me from the spirit of infirmity and suffering. I ask this now in Jesus’s holy name. Thank you for everything you are doing in my life! amen

  13. Valentine'Judy Avatar

    Pray for Valentine’s family to settle in Bangalore in the year 2024, bless Neha with Bank job govt job in Bangalore, Nikita to be placed in the best Company of Engineering with high package in Bangalore, bless Vellu Judy with good health good jobs in Bangalore, bless Neha Nikita with suitable loving holy understanding rich catholic healthy life partners who will keep Vellu Judy with them now and always, bless them to settle very close to each other, in one house.Heal our ailments, bless our finances lives intentions prayers studies future health and teaching profession.

  14. Akhona Avatar

    Greetings brethrens in Jesus name. Please pray for me . 3 areas. For me to get R25 000 . 2. For to break generational curses in my blood line. My father’s side and mother. Break evil alters of witchcraft of health, marriage, wealth, money and relationships. I pray for restoration in my life in Jesus name. No more lacking or poverty. For businesses investors and partners. For load shedding to end in my country, crime, poverty, monkey pox or corona in Jesus name. For my mother and 2 brothers .

  15. Paulina Goneyali Avatar
    Paulina Goneyali

    I currently facing a family crisis Please pray for me . 3 areas. 1.)For me to get the money I need to get my social welfare assistance done. 2. For to break generational curses in my blood line. My father’s side and mother. Break evil alters of witchcraft of health, marriage, wealth, money and relationships. I pray for restoration in my life in Jesus name. No more lacking or poverty. 3.) For me and my kids to get a house of our own and start fresh.

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