Silent Unity Prayer Request Alternative

At Operando, we consider prayer and the word of God as the believer’s greatest weapon for a victorious life. It is our greatest joy to pray with and for you. Our network is a vibrant and reliable silent unity prayer request alternative.

What is a Silent Unity Prayer Request?

Just like a shared unspoken prayer, the silent unity prayer request is a prayer request shared with a prayer ministry where it will be received by a prayer team and prayed upon.

This ministry may commit itself to praying over these prayers sent to them over a period of thirty days.

This kind of prayer is called a ‘silent prayer request’ because it is kept very confidential. It is not posted on any website for anyone to see.

It is called a ‘silent unity prayer’ because it is circulated within the prayer circle and together, the prayer team prays over it. 

Quietly but passionately, the Silent Unity prayer community may commit to a prayer vigil on your behalf during the thirty days of praying for you. Your prayer request will remain within this ‘prayer village’ until after the 30-day period is over.

Why we are a good silent unity prayer request alternative

At Operando, we don’t trivialise prayer requests. Rather, when you share your silent request with us, we commit ourselves to diligently praying over it for as long as possible. 

Our lines are always open to offer silent unity prayer request services free of charge to all who might need it. We offer prayer support to people of all faiths with a 24/7 prayer line always available to take your prayer requests.

Additionally, we don’t stop praying for you after 30 days. Rather, for as long as your prayer is on our wall, we will keep praying for you.

Share your prayer request with us

Our volunteers and hundreds of site visitors on our platform form a strong prayer community whose faith combined with yours can bring miracles. 

We do not only receive your prayers on our wall, it is treated with confidentiality, reverence and love for you, and your personal details will not be made public. We are committed to seeing you in God’s best for you as we pray. 

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4 responses to “Silent Unity Prayer Request Alternative”

  1. Christine Avatar

    Bless you, thank you for this opportunity to join in this community, for all fhe wonderful works you are doing including the silent unity prayer requests.

    1. Operando Avatar

      Thank you Christine! Happy to have you here. Share your prayer request, we will gladly pray for you. God bless you!

  2. Taryn DeCicco Avatar
    Taryn DeCicco

    Heavenly Father,
    Please fill me with Your life, love and presence. Please surround me with Your peace. Please help me to see my worthiness in your eyes.
    Please heal me from the top of my head to the soles of my feet. Please release me from all vestiges of the past and fill me with optimism for the future. Please free me from the spirit of infirmity and suffering. I ask this now in Jesus’s holy name. Thank you for everything you are doing in my life! amen

  3. Willie Richie Avatar
    Willie Richie

    . Enlarge our Coasts and Territories. Please Father God show us your Grace Goodness Mercy Forgiveness LOVE and Protection. Please Father God bless us with more of your Holy Spirit. Please… Father God teach us to LOVE and Respect. Please Father God open up the windows of heaven and pour out blessings we can’t imagine or contain. Father God Please… help us!!! WE THANK YOU AND WE LOVE.. IN JESUS HOLY NAME WE PRAY ASK AND RECEIVE AMEN AMEN AND AMEN !!!

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