Urgent Intercessory Prayer Request

Praying an intercessory prayer means raising up your voice to God over the needs of others than over your own needs. In this case, an urgent intercessory prayer request is an act of praying for someone over a pressing matter in their lives.

On our platform here at Operando, we have voluntary intercessors who are always ready to stand with you in faith and make an intercessory prayer on your behalf.

Examples of an urgent intercessory prayer request in the Bible

When we look at the Bible, we will see one or two instances (or even more), where an individual needed an urgent prayer over a pressing need.

  • For example, when Abraham asked God not to destroy Sodom and Gomorrah if He found a righteous soul there in Genesis 18:16-33, that was an urgent prayer request. Why, because, his request was not for his own need but for Lot, his nephew. This is a form of intercessory prayer request. And of course, God heard him and rescues Lot from the destruction.
  • Another example is found in Luke 7:1-10. Here, a Roman centurion, respected by the Jewish people, sent some elders to go plead with Jesus Christ to come pray over his beloved servant to be healed.

The elders pleaded with Jesus giving Him reasons why He should attend to the need of this man.

These are good examples of a form of urgent intercessory prayer request. There were people who rose up on behalf of others to seek the face of God for an urgent need.

How would an urgent intercessory prayer request look like today?

  • Family members:

“Please pray for my father, mother, brothers and sisters, who have been down with the flu, that they will be healed as soon as possible”

“Pray for my son who’s just been rushed into the ICU. I’m on my way there. Please pray that he is fine and there is no complications”

“Lift up my sister and her family in prayers. Her marriage has been abusive and life-threatening. Please pray for God’s light and intervention to come into their home to bring an end to these nightmares.”

  • Personal

“Please pray that I did well in my exams. The results should be out in a couple of days. I didn’t have the time to study, having been sick and in the hospital. Lord have mercy because I need to pass it to get my approval letter for the job I’ve been seeking”

“Please pray. I’ll be going for my surgery tomorrow to remove the growth in my left breast. Please pray for preservation and success. And let God heal me.”

  • Other believers

“Pray for brother John. He’s on the verge of giving up on the faith. Let’s ask that God will strengthen him and give him inner healing”

“Pray for Sister Karen. She’s been dealing with suicidal tendencies lately. Please, ask for God to visit her and remind her of His love and grace over her”

All these prayers involve someone raising up a prayer or requesting a prayer on the behalf of others who need an urgent intervention.

And God has given us the promise that when we join our faith together, to agree on anything, including your urgent intercessory prayer request, it will be done for in Heaven.

Let us pray with you

Do you need a place to share your urgent prayer request? Here at Operando, we not only take your prayers, we pray them with compassion and love. 

With our passionate team of volunteers and site visitors, we guarantee you a steady and united prayer force going up on your behalf before God until your miracle comes.

Go on and share your prayer request here.

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  1. Leah Avatar

    Terry whitener and karla guy

  2. Lovely Avatar

    Praying that we’ll be able to sell our ancestral full property and buy near us. Praying for good buyers, receive very good value, documents easy and smooth sale pls help Lord. We don’t have any one to help us other than God. There won’t be any issues, their mouth will be closed.Jesus, pls provide buyers

    1. Matt Sego Avatar
      Matt Sego

      I attended a massage therapy school owned by a narcissist. She derailed my career, and life. And long story, short. The whole thing was really horrific. I need to take it to court. I just know that she’ll try to gaslight and stuff. Please pray for this issue. Thank u Soo Soo much.

  3. an ba Avatar
    an ba

    Please request that higher officials stop the amendment to the law, which provides for the liquidation of animal protection societies and the abandonment of animals without help. Thank you

  4. christine faith Avatar
    christine faith

    I’m praying for bullet train ticket for Japan. I hope it will be answered on or before september 30. Please pray for my travel in Japan on October 10-19, 2023, I’m praying for my travel funds.

  5. Whipped snippy Avatar
    Whipped snippy

    Please pray God gives me a hot christian wife and holy spirit powers to use during end times

  6. RP Avatar

    I am praying for coverage, deliverance and peace from my enemies at work. My Co workers and bosses are trying to set me up and plotting against me. Backfire it on them in Jesus Name. God expose the deceitfulness right in front of me and them. Remove any dark clouds from around me. Prayers for Financial Breakthroughs Amen.

  7. Margaret Lawson Avatar
    Margaret Lawson

    Please Father God forgive me Margaret Lawson and Willie Richie for our sins. Please Father God Bless us with your Grace Goodness Mercy and Protection. Please Father God show us your will for our lives and future. Please Father God Enlarge our Coasts and Territories. IN JESUS HOLY NAME WE PRAY ASK ans RECEIVE….AMEN AMEN AMEN!!!

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