Short Prayer For Good Health

In this prayer, surrender your health to the Lord and also ask for help for those who are facing physical or mental illness. 

Lord, I’m here.

Today I especially thank You for my body and my well-being. Thank You for allowing me to be able to do and experience so many wonderful things.

Thank You, also, for all the limitations and hardships I experience, as You strengthen me in patience through them.

Thank You, Lord, that I can nurture my body, this temple of the Spirit that You renew and heal, every day, strengthen it with healthy food and exercises for strength and relaxation.

Above all, I am grateful that I can strengthen my mental and spiritual condition by meditating on Your word and praying to You.

Lord, give me perseverance so that I will never give up these small actions that can improve my health and well-being so much. Lord, You know that I want to do everything I can to serve You with all that I am.

There is a lot of uncertainty today. My relatives and friends are getting sick, and there is a lot of mental distress among people. Lord, don’t let this take us away from You.

You have always had an ear and mercy for the sick and afflicted. In His earthly ministry, Jesus healed them and freed them from their afflictions, but Your power works in all times and all cultures.

Even in this moment, You are present among us and ready to have mercy on us. Lord, grant that we should never despair in any distress or ordeal, but trust the Father even more, no matter what. 

Jesus, I would so like to hand over to You all those who are seriously ill or in need. I ask You, Lord, to heal them, bless them, and fill them with serenity: _______ (say the names of all the people you want to pray for).

Just as the men of Capernaum did when they carried the lame man on his bed and lowered him through the roof in front of You (Mark 2:1-12), now I do the same in spirit, and I believe that You will touch these people.

Lord, thank You for the blessings, graces, and healings You bestow upon all of us.


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