How to Ask For a Church Prayer Request

Making a church prayer request can be difficult if you have not done it before or are unfamiliar with the way the church works.

4 Steps to ask for a Church Prayer Request

Knowing that others are praying for you can relieve stress during hard times. However, keep in mind that these steps are not limited to the ones listed.

  • Ask in person or reach out to the prayer team: You can submit a prayer request through email, a text, or by making a call. It gives you a chance to talk with them and have them pray with you on the spot.
  • Post your prayer request on the prayer wall: This can be physically prepared spaces cut out for individuals to share their prayer requests by posting their notes on the designated wall space. It can also be a virtual prayer wall. A space like we have at Operando where you can stick your prayers and have believers and volunteers pray on them consistently.
  • The most important thing to note about prayer is not the details but the faith in God who is able to hear and answer even the faintest of details in your prayer. Please, understand that quitting on God is not the best option, but even your little “unspoken” prayer request will be received before God as you share them with your church family.

God has a reason for making you a part of an amazing church family. The church may be a place of imperfect people, but it is a place where God has chosen to dwell. 

Hence, your church prayer request is not a formality, and should not be taken lightly. It is a significant spiritual act that gives God the opportunity to move on your behalf through the faith of a spiritually united family.

Share your prayer request with us

Sharing your prayer request at Operando gives us the opportunity to stand with you in faith and believe God for a miracle quicker. 

With a strong combined prayer force of diligent volunteers and an amazingingly large number of site visitors from all over the world, our faith combined will do great things. With us, you’re not going to deal with the challenge alone anymore.

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3 responses to “How to Ask For a Church Prayer Request”

  1. Lloyd Butelho Avatar
    Lloyd Butelho

    Kindly keep in your daily prayers my Mother Rosie who is sick and needs a miracle in order to live a healthy life.pray that our Lord Jesus touch and heal her completely from head to foot and grant her grace to enjoy good health for many years to come.
    Tomorrow is my birthday please pray that God blesses me richly with abundance of blessings and graces from Almighty God so that I live a truly devout Catholic life and be faithful to my sacred calling.may Jesus make way for financial prosperity and may all my much awaited dreams come true.
    Pray for Ruchita to quickly be blessed with a suitable,God fearing life partner and may God enable her to get settled in marriage in 2-3 years time.
    Please pray for Lalit to quickly receive promotion and salary increment much higher then expected.may God bless his married life with gift of a healthy baby.
    Kindly pray for Sanket and Tejal who are getting married in December.may all wedding functions go on well in grand manner.may God bless the financial needs of the Mistry family.
    Thank you.

  2. Elizabeth Avatar

    I sincerely thank you for your help during and through the still ongoing Radioactive Therapy for Breast Cancer and the spread to other bodily parts, organs, and bones. i will be very grateful and thankful for further prayer help for my full recovery through complete and permanent Godly healing. Amen!

  3. Angela Avatar

    Dear Heavenly Father, we come before you in the name of Jesus, knowing that you hear and answer our prayers. We thank you for the privilege of approaching your throne of grace with our requests. We lift up this prayer request on behalf of America, we desires to see a revival in America and the salvation of its people. Lord, we pray that you would draw all Americans to the Lord Jesus Christ, that they may receive salvation in Him alone. We ask that hearts would be opened to the truth of your Word, and that people would diligently study and meditate on it, abiding in your truth. We humbly ask for repentance and revival in personal relationships with Jesus, that they may be established and strengthened. We pray for a turning away from all forms of sin and rebellion, including homosexuality, idolatry, witchcraft, sorcery, materialism, sexual immorality, murder, hatred, antichrist ideologies, false religion, and any open rebellion toward you. Father, we pray for the restoration of families and our country. We ask for extraordinary miracles to take place in America, that your power and presence would be evident. We pray for an end to all forms of evil, including witchcraft, sorcery, idolatry, murder, antichrist spirits, violence, godlessness, and hatred.
    We lift up those who are bound by addictions, such as drugs and alcohol, and ask for their deliverance. We also pray for those trapped in sexual immorality, that they may experience healing and freedom in Christ. We ask for the eyes of those caught up in lies and deceptions to be opened, that they may know the salvation and blessings of God. Lord, we pray for the homeless, the sick, the hurting, and the desperate in our land. May they find healing and hope in you. We ask for a true revelation of Jesus Christ to be revealed to them, that they may be cleansed, filled with the Holy Spirit, and rejoice in the salvation of God. We intercede for the leaders of America and the church. We ask for forgiveness for the sins of our land, people, and leaders. We pray that our leaders would hunger and thirst for righteousness and seek your wisdom and anointing. Grant them wisdom, knowledge, and discernment to make good and godly decisions, aligning their hearts with yours. Finally, we beseech you, Almighty God, to pour out your Holy Spirit upon America. Let your ways, power, and healing be evident in our nation. May your plans and purposes prevail over our own desires. We trust in your sovereignty and believe that you are able to bring about a mighty transformation in our land. In the name of Jesus, we pray. Amen

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