How Can We Grow Closer to God In the New Year?

With so much joy, hope, and relief in our hearts, we ushered in the new year as we celebrated God’s faithfulness of having protected us through a turbulent 2020. As we turned a new page, we silently took time to reflect on the pain orchestrated by the COVID-19 pandemic. We also reflected on family, our goals, and the many valuable lessons we collected every step of last year.

How Would Our Lives Be without God?

The lessons of 2020 eventually bring us face-to-face with the most fundamental questions of life: what is our purpose on earth, and what would our lives be like without God? As obedient Christians, we should pause and candidly reflect on God’s love and His purpose for us as we start this new year.

Psalms 90:12 says:

“Teach us to number our days, that we may gain a heart of wisdom.” 

Psalms 90:12

This plainly means time is a divine gift to us from God, and we should therefore use it wisely for His glory.

This leads us to some important insights. Let us reflect on how we can prudently use our time in the new year to grow closer to God – and think about why that is important. Whether we are making new resolutions or starting all over again in some areas of our lives, here are some important ways we can grow closer to God in the new year:


Prayer is your line of communication with God. Take time each day to thank God through prayer, to ask for His wisdom, guidance, and protection, to ask Him to strengthen you amid temptations, and to tell Him how worthy He is in your life.

Reading the Word of God  

It is essential to read what the Lord says in His word. Meditate upon the scriptures and make it a habit to read at least a few verses daily. Seek out other resourceful spiritual materials that will nourish you and build your faith in God.

Serving Others

Serving others is one of the most significant ways you can grow closer to God. It is transforming what you learn about God into action. You can take on any volunteer position in your local church, such as ushering or cleaning the church. You might also serve others through acts of kindness, like: 

  • being courteous
  • volunteering at a homeless shelter
  • donating clothes and shoes you may not need
  • helping an older adult with a daily task
  • doing missionary work
  • giving tithes and offerings
  • giving money to a charity
  • sharing your talents

Finding Fellowship

The Bible instructs us to get together with other believers for fellowship. The best way to grow together in Christ is to grow with another believer through sharing God’s word, worshipping God together, and encouraging one another.

Spreading the Gospel

As part of growing closer to God, share His word with others. Through prayer, ask God to give you divine insight and use you as a vessel for sharing the gospel with the world. This will grow your faith immensely as you see people accepting Christ as their Lord and savior.

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