Finding God in Nature

Nature has the inherent ability to give you inner peace, inspire you to unimaginable creativity, unlock your potential, or even render you speechless as you gaze at the beauty of God’s creation. How can you connect with God through nature, and how beneficial will that be to you?

The Calm Flow of a River

Take a minute to envision yourself sitting quietly by the bank of a river as water calmly flows over your feet, refreshing and invigorating your mind and soul. In this scenario, nature brings inner peace, inspiring you to reflect on the beauty of your dreams, your love for God and commitment to Him, and the top-notch artistry in God’s creation.

God has the ability to speak, teach, and provide what you need through nature. You get fresh air, many varieties of food, an abundance of rain, clothes, medicine, and much more through God’s work in nature. Nature is one way God connects with His children. 

In Romans 1:20, the Bible:

“For ever since the world was created, people have seen the earth and sky. Through everything God made, they can clearly see his invisible qualities—his eternal power and divine nature. So they have no excuse for not knowing God.”

Romans 1:20

Through nature, the power and glory of God are manifested to us, and through them, we get to understand Him more intimately and surrender to Him in all situations.

How then can you find God through nature?

Read Your Bible and Meditate Outdoors

Find a quiet park or another outdoor space where you can meditate, reflect on God, and read your Bible.

Take a Nature Walk 

Get moving in the great outdoors while praying, listening to a Christian podcast, or playing praise and worship music. This will help you focus on God, renew your relationship with God, and thank God for His amazing grace as you nourish yourself both spiritually and physically.

Go on a Nature Outing

Go out to a place where you can experience nature first hand and witness the artistic beauty of God’s creation. You might see different birds (or hear them sing), butterflies, trees, flowers, and much more. Examples of places can be mountains, beaches, lakes, or even a community park. The most important thing is that you physically go out and see what God has created. 

Visit a Farmers’ Market

At the farmers’ market, you will see how God uses nature to provide for you. Seeing so many different kinds of food crops, which provide a variety of nutrients for the body, will demonstrate God’s power over your life and consequently draw you closer to God.

Plant a Garden

Plant some vegetables or flowers in your yard. Tend to them faithfully and observe the mastery of God as they blossom from seedlings into beautiful plants. Then, enjoy the fruits of God’s labor! 

Create a Meditation Space

Make a place just for you and God. Create a quiet sitting area on a corner of your property, where you can get away from any distractions and focus entirely on God, His creation, His goodness through nature, and His authority over your life.

What Can We Learn from Nature?

As we spend time in nature, experiencing God’s perfect creation, there are certain truths we will start to realize:

  • Nature is a reflection of God. It shows His creativity, precision, and glory.
  • Nature displays God’s power and authority.
  • Nature is God’s missionary, testifying to His existence.
  • Nature proves that God will take care of you, as He takes care of everything found in nature.
  • God reminds us of His promises and His unfailing faithfulness through nature.

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