Millennials and Searching for God

Millennials have it rough. The generation born between 1981 and 1996 stands out prominently between Generation X, which doesn’t get much attention these days, and Generation Z, the most self-directed and tech-savvy generation we’ve seen.

Millennials have grown up in the digital age. They are the first generation to willingly give up privacy and broadcast their lives for the world to see.

They were the first to have Internet technology at their fingertips and as such have been especially susceptible to temptations that past generations haven’t had to face. They’ve also inherited the sexually liberated culture introduced by the counterculture of the 1960s, and sexual temptation increases Internet-wide with each passing year.

The Internet age has also increased tendencies toward narcissism and self-absorption, which has led to increased rates of depression generation-wide.

How Do Millennials Search for God?

With so much working against them, how do Millennials find God?

Millennials are less likely to attend church or identify with a specific organized religion than in past generations. However, they are still a spiritual generation that tends to lead through its actions.

One of the things Millennials do best is transparency. They’ve grown up in a digital age with less privacy, so they’re more open about their lives in general. Millennials may be more likely than previous generations to struggle with mental health issues, but they’re also more likely to acknowledge it—which also helps others who struggle.

Millennials also tend to be more open-minded and tolerant than previous generations, and more likely to work toward reform and social justice. They are open to charitable giving and support social programs, living out Jesus’s message of helping others.

New Methods for a New Era

Millennials are innovators. The way they seek God is no different. They may be less likely to attend Sunday mass, but they search for God on various media and across multiple platforms.

The digital age allows for greater accessibility in seeking God and getting the word out about Him. Spiritual seekers can read internet articles and ebooks, follow initiatives like Ascension Presents on YouTube, and listen to podcasts.

This generation’s Christian music is also more accessible and relatable than in past eras. Artists like Francesca Battistelli, Lauren Daigle, and Casting Crowns have huge streaming numbers and play in concert arenas.

God can, and does, work through every generation. Millennials are no different. Let us all go forth and follow Christ, remaining faithful no matter what the medium is.

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