An unspoken prayer request for my family

When you have a pressing challenge confronting your family, or you hear someone in your prayer group make an “unspoken prayer request for my family,” how do you even pray that kind of prayer?

A prayer request can be hard to express. But God wants you to ask Him about it without shame or regret. Then, He can help you overcome and strengthen you to keep moving when things get challenging.

What is an unspoken prayer request?

Unspoken prayer requests are often prayers no one knows but something you hope God will hear. These prayers can range from what seem like silly requests to severe requests.

Unspoken prayer request example

Biblically, even Jesus had a moment of such. At the garden of Gethsemane, He couldn’t tell His disciples exactly what was wrong or explicitly what to pray about. Here’s what He said to them:

Matthew 26:38: Then he said to them, “My soul is overwhelmed with sorrow to the point of death. Stay here and keep watch with me.”

Yet, when He was alone with God, He laid bare before God His unspoken prayer request, meaning that the fact you didn’t say all the details does not mean that you’re pretending. It means it’s just too much to talk about with anyone.

Some examples may include, but are not limited to these:

  • Dear Jesus, we are out of money and now have no food, please provide for us. 
  • Please help my kids not deny you, Holy Spirit. Keep them strong in faith so that they may serve you here on earth.
  • I need your forgiveness and mercy over my family today, Lord. Help them to know, Holy Spirit, how much you love them, and not be afraid to come before your throne of grace

What would an unspoken prayer request for my family look like in real life?

It may be personal problems you’re trying to fix in your home.

Maybe your friend or close relative is dealing with a health problem.

Your wife is so stressed over her parents being hospitalised that she cannot sleep at night. And you need prayers for both her and the parents.

Two of your kids and their mother have recently been diagnosed with cancer. 

These are some sad and dark clouds that might hang over the head of an individual who needed unspoken prayer request.

How to say a prayer for unspoken request

Here is a good example of how to pray for an unspoken prayer request especially when with members of the body of Christ.

“Dear Father, we’ve received a prayer request to pray for one of our brothers/sisters. Lord, he/she is overwhelmed by the fears of his/her needs, and the pressures of life. Please help him/her to overcome these fears and troubles, and remind them of your love.”

How do you ask for your unspoken prayer request?

You don’t do it very often, but sometimes you need your friends to ask on our behalf. Here are a few ways to approach your unspoken prayer request with your friends.

  • Give an overview of what’s going on: I know I haven’t asked much from you lately, but I’m going through a lot and I need your prayers. It would be great if God will help me and my family out of what we are going through, and get us back on track.
  • Ask the prayer group, as a spiritual family, to say a quick prayer for you: Dear Family/Friends. I have been having a hard time with this situation for a while now, and I have been praying about it all day. I would appreciate it if you prayed an unspoken prayer request for my family and I for a Divine intervention soon!
  • Ask in faith: it’s not your business how it’s prayed or how it’s answered. Jesus said you just have to believe and it will be possible. 
  • Don’t fear judgement: God loves and wants to hear your needs. No fear and regret or shame here. Come to him

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