Vatican Criticizes Decision to Declare Abortion EU’s Fundamental Right

The Vatican has strongly condemned the European Parliament’s decision to include the “right to abortion” in the European Union’s Charter of Fundamental Rights.

This decision, sanctioned on Thursday, April 11, reflects a disturbing ethical drift, according to Vatican News service editorial director Andrea Tornielli.

The Vatican recently issued a 20-page declaration, titled “Infinite Dignity,” which addresses violations of human dignity, including abortion.

The declaration emphasizes the sanctity of unborn life and asserts that defending unborn life is essential to upholding all human rights.

While the European Parliament’s decision requires unanimous ratification by all 27 EU-member countries, nations like Hungary have constitutional protections for the life of the fetus from conception.

Pope Francis has also spoken out against the “throwaway culture” that devalues human life, emphasizing the right of every individual to live with dignity.

This issue underscores the ongoing debate over abortion rights in Europe and the moral responsibilities of society

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