Lucas Black, Former NCIS Star, Puts Faith and Family First Ahead of Hollywood Success

Actor Lucas Black recently shared that he made the decision to leave NCIS New Orleans in 2019 to prioritize his family over his Hollywood career.

The 41-year-old father-of-three emphasized the importance of balancing work and family, stating that there needed to be a healthy margin in one’s life. Black compared his story to that of David Smallbone, whose family’s journey is depicted in the upcoming film “Unsung Hero.”

Black stars in the film as a local church member who welcomes the Smallbone family into his home in Nashville.

He expressed his belief that Americans need more wholesome content like “Unsung Hero” which highlights family and faith.

Since stepping away from Hollywood, Black has looked for projects that uplift and promote Christian values, such as those produced by Kingdom Story Company.

The actor emphasized the significance of pointing people towards God and underlining the importance of family in his project choices.

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