Evangelist Rico Tice Parts Ways with Church of England Over Stance on Same-Sex Marriage

Evangelist Rico Tice has parted ways with the Church of England, citing a significant divergence in beliefs regarding sexuality.

Tice, known for co-authoring the Christianity Explored evangelism course, expressed profound disappointment with the Church’s evolving stance on same-sex marriage, particularly its introduction of the new Prayers of Love and Faith.

Despite his deep roots as an Anglican, the 57-year-old clergyman has begun attending an International Presbyterian Church, prompted by his alignment with the church’s views and its proximity to his sons’ school.

Tice has been vocal about his concerns, previously addressing them in a letter to Archbishop Justin Welby and other bishops.

In the letter, co-signed by five other evangelical leaders, they urged the Church to adhere to Biblical principles over cultural trends, highlighting the conflict this stance created with other orthodox denominations. The lack of a meaningful response from Church leadership was a pivotal factor in his decision to leave.

Previously serving as a senior minister at All Souls, Langham Place in London, Tice’s journey has been marked by his outspokenness on the need for repentance, a principle he feels the Church of England is increasingly neglecting.

His earlier departure from the Archbishop of Canterbury and York’s evangelism task group in 2018 underscored his longstanding disagreements, notably with the Bishop of Liverpool, who criticized Tice’s views on sexual sin as overly strict.

Despite the schism, Tice continues to encourage faithfulness among Christians, particularly those Anglican clergy who, despite experiencing same-sex attraction, choose celibacy to follow Christ.

He regularly directs people to, a site that shares their stories. Tice maintains his Permission to Preach and remains eligible to speak in Church of England churches, advocating for those he believes uphold true Christian values.

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