42% of Southern Baptist Church Attendees Do Not Identify as Republicans

A recent survey conducted by Lifeway Research and sponsored by the Land Center for Cultural Engagement at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary revealed that while the Southern Baptist

The convention remains predominantly conservative, there is a surprising political diversity among its members. The data showed that 75% of SBC pastors and leaders align with the Republican Party, compared to 58% of the laity.

Interestingly, 26% of laypeople identify as Democrats, in contrast to only 7% of pastors and leaders. Additionally, 15% of laity consider themselves Independent, while only 11% of pastors and leaders do.

Overall, the survey indicated that 42% of Southern Baptist laity do not identify with the GOP, as opposed to 25% of pastors and leaders who do not. It was also revealed that SBC laypeople are more likely to identify as moderate, with 22% choosing that label compared to only 7% of pastors and leaders.

Furthermore, while 80% of pastors and leaders consider themselves conservative or very conservative, only 56% of laity share that sentiment. A small percentage of pastors/leaders (2%) and a larger percentage of laity (15%) identify as liberal.

In addition to political leanings, the survey highlighted that both SBC pastors/leaders and laypeople do not support key principles of Christian nationalism.

The majority agreed that the government should not favour any specific religion, with 95% supporting the idea of religious liberty for all individuals and religions.

The survey, conducted in January, provides insight into the evolving views within the Southern Baptist Convention.

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