Prayer for the 2nd Week of Advent

We often think that we need to change something by force or start behaving in a different way so that God will love us and we will get along better with others.

This orientation toward efficiency, or the belief that we have to reach a certain level in our relationship with God, only hinders us. It’s just our humanity: we forget that God is our Father, and we are His children being reborn for heaven, with the Creator leading us through the process.

He wants us to open up to Him and, above all, try to see and understand whatever He has to show us this Advent. This second week of Advent we ask from the bottom of our hearts:

“Show us, Lord, your goodness!”

Psalm 85:9

Lord, You give me a desire to see Your face. I accept this and look at You in confidence that everything I experience is not in vain, it is not a punishment, but in my salvation, in my new birth.

Lord, I open my heart to You: revive it, to transform it for Yourself. I want to accept Your power and the grace of conversion. I don’t even know exactly what that’s supposed to mean at this time, but I have faith in your plan for me. You act, You sow, You create.

I listen, I pray, I long, and I accept Your goodness, in whatever form You present it to me. Thank You for the new freedom and anticipation of Jesus growing in my heart, my God!


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