Prayer for Children and Adolescents in Need

These days we see young people all around us who feel distress and helplessness due to loneliness, domestic violence, dependence of loved ones, and the effects created by isolation itself.

With this prayer we remember them, their family, their peers, and the whole community, asking God to help them take care of their needs. 

God the Father, 

You are the Creator of all young lives. You created them out of love, to love and to have life. Like any good parent, you created them to become strong and healthy people who will be able to pass on their creativity and life. You see their present as well as their future. You know what they need most right now.

Lord, strengthen them in these circumstances and surround them with your love and warmth. Grant that they will experience Your living presence and that they will always keep their eyes on you.

Jesus, help them get to know you and show them that they can always count on you even if everyone else fails. Let them know you are their best friend and that they are never alone in these circumstances. You know best the way out of their troubles. 

Help these beloved children of yours to find someone to talk to in their isolation, who will accept them in their distress with compassion and openness. Give them the strength to never give up on problems.

Lord, give them courage. Show them how to call for help if they are in danger physically, emotionally, or spiritually. Lord, let their family, friends, teachers, doctors, and others in their lives recognize their cries for help.

Lord, give us adults the strength to face everything that is not good in our families or communities. Show us how to actively help our young people. Inspire us to know how to design new programs and ways to help change these lives. 

We pray for the parents of these children and adolescents. If it’s needed, let the tears of their children awaken them to their own pain, so that they can seek help and be healed as well. Give them a new path for their family.  

Don’t let anyone’s eyes, ears, and hearts be closed to your loved ones. Show them how to listen to one another. Lord, they should not have to bear these burdens. Please remove them from their shoulders. 


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