Prayer for Nina

This time, I invite you to pray together for our regular reader’s daughter Nina, who is in life danger.

Today, in this prayer I commend you a teenager girl Nina, who is injured a lot. I believe the Lord is at her side and want to heal her. Thank you for all the moments of her life and all her longings.

Oh Lord, You know all about her wounds – physical, mental and spiritual. You love her with all Your heart and with all Your strength. Heal her wounds and remove from her heart her every helplessness, all the pain, all the despair, all that disables her to accept a life with joy and youthful energy.

Lord, touch her heart for her to again be able to experience the joy and the gifts that You delivered. Open her heart to hear your voice, to follow You and never doubt again that her life is a mistake. Give her the grace to become a bearer of Your joy to others.

In these times of despair, I ask You to give strength to her family and friends.

Hear our PRAYER, Lord, as you said, to pray with faith, in your name, and you will make it happen. Amen.

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