New Survey Reports the Bible Has Had a Significant Impact on Young People’s Lives

A recent survey conducted by the American Bible Society revealed that more young adults believe the Bible has had a transformative impact on their lives.

The State of the Bible USA 2024 report shows that 58% of respondents agreed that the Bible has transformed their lives, a slight increase from the previous year

Notably, Generation Z adults showed the most significant increase in those who felt the Bible had a transformative effect, with 54% expressing this belief.

This is an encouraging sign for the future, according to John Farquhar Plake, Chief Program Officer at the American Bible Society.

Baby Boomers also saw an increase in the percentage of those who believed in the transformative power of the Bible, while millennials showed a slight decrease in this belief. Interestingly, millennials were also the only generation to report reading the Bible less frequently in 2024.

Overall, the survey found that 15% of respondents had increased their Bible reading in the past year, while 10% had decreased. Gen Z showed the highest increase in Bible reading, with 21% reporting more frequent reading.

The survey, which included 2,506 U.S. adults, was conducted in January 2024 with a margin of error of +/-2.73 percentage points.

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