Meditation: The Lord is My Shepherd – He Knows What I Want

When distressed and feel lost, I am always comforted by Psalm 23: The Lord is my Shepherd. I pause, reflect, and realize again that the Lord is my shepherd. He knows what I want.

Psalm 23: The Lord is my shepherd – he knows what I want!

You are my shepherd. You are looking after me. We are with each other. I listen to you, and you listen to me. I long to spend time with you often. To see you often, to hear and to feel you. You are here with me, in front of me, and beside me.

“I shall not want.”

I can present my material, physical, spiritual, and emotional needs to you. When I am before you, it becomes clear that I have everything, knowing that there is this profound fullness in you that I yearn for.

I can reveal my material, physical, spiritual, and emotional requirements in your presence. When I am with you, it becomes evident that I possess everything, recognizing the profound completeness within you that I deeply desire.

Whenever I think I’m missing something or feel imbalanced, I can trust you to take care of my needs and restore my equilibrium. I can ask you for advice, health, strength, and love. I can ask you for wisdom and hope. I can ask for a revelation of truth. I can ask for anything.

Rest and Refreshment

“He makes me lie down in green pastures”

Sometimes, I grow weary of the demands of the world, of the physical effort involved in my tasks, and of the challenging relationships involved. You offer me a haven, a place where I can relieve this burden, a resting place where I can recover, where I can renew my strength. Let me rest in this green pasture and awake as a new, strengthened person.

 Let me leave all the grudges, confusion, and helplessness in this pasture. Let me rise above these things as you rose from the grave: new, transformed, redeemed, victorious.

“He leads me beside quiet waters.”

Lord, you are my shepherd, leading me to the calm waters. Nothing refreshes and restores the will to continue like fresh water.

I become tired when I am immersed in work and forget to drink. My thoughts become distracted. This is also the case when I forget to pray; I forget I must go to Jesus for living water. In those moments, together with the Samaritan woman, I can ask, “Sir, give me [your] water, so that I may not be thirsty” (John 4:15). I can ask the Lord to pour out his Holy Spirit to refresh me.

“He restores my soul”

Lord, invigorate my soul so I will not lean on my strength. Rather, let me present to you all that weighs on me, all my sins and faults. I believe your power and light will radiate throughout my being and give me new strength.

Holy is His Name

“He guides me in the paths of righteousness for His name’s sake.”

Lord, you are my shepherd, so I ask you to recall the power of Your Name. You have given your life so that all who call upon your name may find shelter in You, our refuge. Lord, let your name always be honored, revered, praised, and celebrated.

Whenever I am searching for a new path, when I have to decide on one direction or another, when I have to implement a project, and I do not know how, I ask you to lead me on the right path and show it clearly so that I will not wander aimlessly.

You are the shepherd of my thoughts. So often, I let my mind drift away on its own; I grow mad. Help me cling to the thoughts that lead to life and release the others that lead to anxiety.

Lord, lead my life so that I can focus on you and realize your ideas and plans.

My Guardian

“Even if I were to walk in the depths of the shadow of death, I am not afraid of evil, because you are with me.”

You are my shepherd, even when I encounter danger, severe trial, or death. I know you are with me. I trust you. And I believe that all this does not end with death but with a new beginning with you.

“Your rod and your staff, they comfort me.”

Lord, you are my shepherd, my rod, my support. I can lean on you, even if there is no one else to protect, hear, and understand me. You drive all evil away from me. You are my guardian in times of trial and loneliness.

My Protector

“You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies”

You are my shepherd even when I am not well received among others, when they speak against me when I am not accepted, as when I am in danger. Lord, you do not abandon me. You protect me, you preserve me, and you strengthen me so that I can advance boldly.

“You have anointed my head with oil”

When I am forgotten and abandoned, you anoint my head. You caress and nurture me. You assure me that I am loved, accepted, and precious in your eyes.

Goodness and Loving kindness

“My cup overflows.”

You fill my glass so I can drink the best wine with you and share a portion of all that is excellent: blessing, grace, wisdom, knowledge, love, trust, presence, and salvation.

“Surely goodness and loving kindness will follow me all the days of my life”

Lord, you are my shepherd. Thank you for purifying me so that only grace, tenderness, and kindness remain. You grace me with these gifts always; I need only to open my heart to them and release to you everything else.

“I will dwell in the house of the LORD all the days of my life.”

Thank you, Lord, for your truth and your love. I know I am your beloved daughter who dwells in your presence and learns holiness by your example—a daughter who receives only the best from you. Thank you for your fatherly protection.

The Lord is my shepherd, always!


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