Turkish Churches Rebuilding Amidst Devastation

After last year’s earthquake flattened homes, Christians became beacons of hope, aiding survivors and now reconstructing communities.

Surveying the ruins, doubts lingered amid the rubble. Despite assurances from a Turkish driver, standing atop what was once a bustling neighbourhood, it was clear to the team from White’s Ferry Road Church of Christ that this was more than just debris.

Following the 7.8 magnitude quake that claimed over 53,000 lives and displaced millions, recovery has been sluggish. In Antakya, where 80% of structures await demolition, the silence is profound, echoing the loss that permeates the city.

Yet, amidst the desolation, seeds of hope sprout. Temporary housing, established by İlk Umut Derneği, offers solace. Despite being a minority in Turkey, Christians were quick to respond, aiding in rescue efforts and providing essential services.

As the city rebuilds, churches like Antalya Evangelical Church envision a new foundation, not just of bricks and mortar, but of community and faith. Though conversions may not be immediate, the outpouring of love and support lays the groundwork for future growth.

In the wake of tragedy, compassion precedes conversion. Meeting practical needs fosters trust, paving the way for deeper conversations and spiritual healing.

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