Morning Prayer for Today – Help Us To Be In Unity

Loving Father,

Thank you for blessing me with my wonderful family. Thank you for the memories you give us, including those we may have forgotten.

Lord, I pray today for you to keep the enemy far from my loved ones and me each day. 

Send your angel of protection to guide us home safely and protect us from any harm we may face.

You are our hiding place; we can always find refuge under Your wings daily. 

Lord, Your word declares in Psalm 23:1:

The Lord is my shepherd, I will not be in need.

Therefore, I ask for your provision of everything we need to sustain us as a family. 

Let your love continue to bind us together. Please help us to be in unity. I cast out the spirit of envy, strife, anger and hate among us. 

Lord, give us a heart of forbearance and forgiveness as a family bound together in your love.

Whatever makes my family anxious today, I ask that you comfort them and help them rest in your sovereignty. 

In Jesus’ name, I pray. 


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    Amen ❤️

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