Lord, you sowed your seed

Salvation belongs to the Lord; Your blessing be upon Your people! (Ps 3,9 )

Lord, You are the Savior, and You can enter into every circumstance. Especially where it is most needed.

You are a wonderful Creator – one that has created everything alive from scratch. Perfect.

All the time is in Your hands. All You do is right and timely. I admire Your wisdom and Your righteousness. I look forward to Your blessings and gifts.

Lord, thank You for me and Nace could taste the Ark, Your creation. Thank You for all the assistants and volunteers who help build the community with these boys and girls.

Thank You for one of a kind uniqueness and personalities, which You gave them. Thank You for teaching us so intensely through ‘smallest of all’ brothers and sisters.

You know all their needs, problems, challenges and weaknesses. You know all their gifts and advantages. Help us to be able to discover their treasure.

So that we could reveal it all together to the world, which longs for this treasure so much.

I ask for new, loyal, cordial assistants and volunteers, who would be willing to donate their time and live together with them.

I am especially asking You for the things that Il Chicco house needs most nowadays – material, spiritual and emotional gifts.

Deliver in abundance so they could feel Your live presence and will glorify You with all their hearts. Amen.

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