Lord, travelling with me

Prayer based on an excerpt: John 14, 4-6

Where else but traveling on the road, one can better realize how dependent we are of one another, of all the traffic signs along the way and of people who are willing to help the passengers. Lord, thank you for this appreciation. And that You are showing us the purpose of our trip, revealing it piece by piece. If we were aware of our entire trip in advance, we would sit down on the first stone along the way and would not want to continue; the entire route would be too frightening seeing it condensed at a single point.

Thank you for guidance on our every step. Thanks for all the tiny alerts when You’re saying that we are on the wrong path and that we must return to You. At times, when we are unlucky, hardened up and at times when people around us seem distant and strangers. When we simply yearn for more, for more depth, warmth and peace only You can deliver.

Thank you for us to be able to lean on You. Even when we are too burdened along the way, too muddy, too sore, too sweaty. When people literally flee away. Thank You for being with with us at all times.

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