Lord, thank You for the abundance

Prayer from passage John 10:10

Lord thank You that we may taste Your words in our lives:

I came so that everyone would have life, and have it in its fullest.

Thank You for opening our eyes to be able to see how You operate and how much good You deliver to us at all times.

Lord, thank You for all the emotions that enable me to taste a gift of life – joy, enthusiasm, peace, even helplessness, anger, sadness, indifference.

I commend You all that I feel.

Thank You so much for the experience You are bringing into my life. There are so many beautiful meetings, exchanged views, smiles, words of encouragement.

Thank You also for all the ordeals, that open up new horizons for me and offer me a new opportunity for more and better. Especially thank You for always being able to learn new things.

Thank You for all the moments when I can not love with all my heart. Thanks for all the people which open up my unresolved wounds. This is Your way of showing me where I need to grow further. Thank You for being in Your safe embrace at those times.

Lord, please give us more joy over thy gifts and blessings. And that we would welcome them with all our hearts!

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