Jesus, Breathe into Me Your Breath of Life and Renew Me


You see me imprisoning myself. Sometimes it feels like everything I know is collapsing, and I don’t know how things will end up.

You know!

I feel exposed and fragile, but I believe You are holding me in Your hand and protecting me.

You breathe into me Your breath of life and renew me.

You know every layer of my soul.

You know even the slightest movements of my being from creation to this moment.

You know my history and my future to the last detail. You know how I feel right now.

I rest in You, and I love You.

With everything I am.

With a hunger for justice.

With beauty.

With pain.

In joy.

With tears.

With grace.

With outbursts of anger.

With eternal search.

With waves of helplessness.

With a longing for peace.

With inconsolable sadness.

You know all this.

You hug it all.

And you look at me with pride because you know that, in You, I am rising new, saved, full of Your power.

Thank you, Jesus!



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  1. Timothy Dirig Avatar
    Timothy Dirig

    You must be born again with the Holy Spirit and water meaning baptism in Jesus Name filled the Holy Spirit Speaking in tongues read Acts of the apostles Doctrines Acts 2;38

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