Asbury President Says Gen Z Is Seeking God, ‘They Crave Something Deeper’ 1 Year after Revival

Asbury President Says Gen Z Is Seeking God, ‘They Crave Something Deeper’ 1 Year after Revival

“The president of Asbury University, a Christian institution known for sparking a revival movement last year, expressed optimism about the future of Generation Z. He believes that young people are seeking something beyond what the world offers. The revival, which began during a chapel service in February 2023 and lasted for 16 days, had a profound impact on the students.

During a recent panel discussion, President Kevin Brown acknowledged the challenges faced by Gen Z, including their tendency to disengage from organized religion. However, he remains hopeful, noting that despite their struggles with social media and anxiety, young people are still seeking authenticity and truth.

Brown shared how the outpouring at Asbury University changed his perspective on the next generation. He witnessed students opening up about their struggles and supporting each other through prayer. Despite the difficult circumstances they have faced, including moral failures in the church, Brown believes that Gen Z is yearning for a genuine faith experience.

One student expressed a desire for something real to anchor onto in the midst of a dynamic world. Brown and other members of the university community, like editor Alexandra Presta, share this sentiment. They believe that Jesus is the source of true love and understanding, offering a solution that transcends temporary fixes.

While Gen Z may face criticism, Brown remains hopeful for their future, seeing them as agents of positive change in the church and society. He believes that their authenticity and desire for truth will lead to a transformative impact on evangelicalism. Overall, there is a sense of optimism and possibility surrounding the next generation’s potential to make a difference in the world.”

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