Beverly LaHaye, Founder of Concerned Women for America, Passes Away at 94

Beverly LaHaye, the wife of the late evangelist Tim LaHaye and the founder of Concerned Women for America (CWA), has passed away at the age of 94. LaHaye, a Detroit native, started with humble beginnings but her strong faith in the Lord guided her throughout her life. She believed in the importance of showing faith through actions, understanding that even the smallest acts guided by The Holy Spirit can have a significant impact.

Around 45 years ago, LaHaye became concerned with the cultural feminist movement that did not align with the needs of American women or God’s plan for them. This realization led her to establish the CWA, an organization dedicated to advocating for women’s rights and pushing back against legislation that limited their potential. LaHaye and her colleagues became influential lobbyists, influencing policy decisions in various Republican administrations, including those of Reagan and Bush.

Despite her passing, the CWA remains a strong and active organization with chapters across the nation. LaHaye served as the President of the CWA until 2010, with Penny Young Nance taking over the position. Her legacy continues to inspire women today, as her Christian activism and unwavering dedication to upholding the Gospel have left a lasting impact.

Reverend Johnnie Moore, the president of the Congress of Christian Leaders, described LaHaye as the matriarch of modern Evangelical political engagement, emphasizing her faithfulness as a Christian above all else. LaHaye’s influence can be further explored through her books, including “The Spirit-controlled Woman,” “Who But a Woman?” and “The Desires of a Woman’s Heart.” Additionally, her impact on women’s history can be explored on the National Women’s History Museum’s website.

In her own words, LaHaye believed that religion and politics should mix, citing America’s foundation on biblical principles. She believed that politicians should use the Bible to guide both their public and private lives to be fit for office. Beverly LaHaye’s legacy will continue to shape the lives of women and the landscape of Christian activism for years to come.

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