A Prayer for Personal Transformation and Generosity

Prayer is based on reading 2 Corinthians 8: 12-15

We often fall under the influence of discouragement, leading us to believe that we are not worthy, have too little, or cannot do things properly. And yet, this is a big lie that robs us of beautiful experiences and genuine closeness with others!

The Bible reading above is an excellent remedy for a new look at our attitude and openness to others. Reading it, we can discover something new hidden in each of us. God is calling us to be confident and to step out into another person and new circumstances.

Lord, I want to watch you with Your eyes. Show me what my abundance is right now. And show me a person who can be enriched with what I have.

You see deeper into me and know where I am fragile. Deliver me everything that will help me to overcome my selfishness, dishonesty, bitterness, and all other defects. I trust You. You’ll do it most lovingly, although it would not be to my liking or imagination.

Thank You for teaching me to be open and giving me pearls of Your immense wealth.

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