You Are Worthy, Even If You Or Others Don’t Agree With That

Take a moment to reflect on God’s creative power through the beauty of life. The flow of water downstream as birds sing to the dawn of a new and beautiful day, the adorable smiles, and little hugs from those who love us and the sweet aroma that comes out of well-tended flower gardens. All these serve to show you that as part of God’s creation, you are worthy.

You Deserve More Because You Are Worthy

You sincerely deserve every warm embrace, a kind word, moral support, and care from your significant or circle of friends when your back is against the wall. How many times have you fallen short of giving up just because, at your hour of need, all the people you trusted never showed up?

Does Everyone In Your Circle Appreciate That You Are Worthy?

I remember at some point last year I came across a WhatsApp status from a close friend of mine requesting her friends to donate blood for her sister who apparently had been hospitalized in Nairobi, the capital of Kenya. Being kind-hearted, I followed up through a call and made time to go for the blood donation.

Upon arrival at the hospital, I was taken to my friend’s sister’s ward. I arrived there ready to be of service, but luckily, by God’s grace, the doctor, upon examination, ruled that blood transfusion was no longer necessary since she had stabilized and was in high spirits. This was a huge relief and an affirmation that all was well.

Later on, I came to understand that her close circle had apparently not responded in any way to her clarion call. She was bound to fight her wars individually and leave the rest to the hands of fate.

Not Everyone Appreciates That You Are Worthy Of Love

That experience taught me several lessons. You deserve to be around people who genuinely appreciate and love you. Ensure that your circle is made of people who support you in every good and dark situation because you are worthy of love.

You are worthy

You deserve friends who would genuinely want to see you at the pinnacle of success, friends who desire to see you healthy and happy, friends who will unconditionally love you at your lowest, and still be there at your table of celebration.

How Can You Define Your Worth?

How can you define your worth in any relationship and connect ONLY with genuine friends? Below listed are ways to help you know your worth:

  1. Let every person be an equal partner – for any relationship to be worth your time, there needs to be both self-respect and mutual respect.
  2. Be sincere about what you bring to the table in any relationship. The moment your focus is on what you stand to gain, then you lose the whole meaning of genuine friendship. You must be willing to help out because you will definitely need help at some point in your life.
  3. Work on your esteem. Fix your self-esteem, refuse to be pulled down by wrong perceptions in life, and enjoy healthy relations with friends, partners, and in your Christian faith.
  4. Stop judging everything based on the past. You should not judge people, their actions, and their sentiments based on some nasty experiences you have gone through in the past. Know your worth and face each issue independently, evaluating, and just be.

Do You Understand How Worthy You Are Before God?

In the book of Jeremiah 1:5, the bible says, “Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, and before you were born I consecrated you; I appointed you a prophet to the nations.” 

This means that God has placed so much importance and emphasis on you and therefore, nothing should bring you down by any means. Know your worth and believe in the God of possibilities in everything you do. 

Conclusively, because God values you, never forget that you are worthy. There are incredibly kind people around who will genuinely love and respect you for who you are every step of the way.

By faith, God will bring great and beautiful souls to your life with whom you will build incredible relationships that will truly magnify why you are worthy of love, respect, compassion, and adoration.

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