Praying For People In Need Is a Work of Mercy

Prayer calms a heart. In prayer, I contemplate God and set myself on his path and view. In prayer, I contemplate His face and can sunbathe in his grace.

Thus, I can reflect from what I stare. Through prayer, God can slowly seep into my body, soul, and spirit. I become even smaller, but he occupies a growing place in my life. The Lord is increasingly entering my heart.

He first heals all that is necessary to repair: old wounds and long-buried painful memories. He brings peace and removes what is superfluous, everything that closes me from having relations.

Thus, I am becoming more open to my neighbor. In my heart, there is increasing hope—hope for those who have lost it and for all those who are beginning to lose it in their hopeless situations.

Through prayer, the Lord lays love and compassion for the poor in my heart. He gives me the ingenuity to find the way to the close ones.

I wanted to see distress, where my eyes were previously closed for neighbors. The Lord gives me the courage to step towards our fellows through prayer. Thus, through my body, He is stepping on the poor himself.

I am approaching so that the poor retain their dignity and feel respected. Through my eyes, he is observed by the love of God, and through my hands, he is fed by the Lord. Through the prayer, only God could enter my heart.

By surrendering to His will, He puts us in the exact place in his creation that fits us best: where we can love at our fullest. Each one is in his status and the way that the image of the Creator can best be reflected through us.

A prayer can be a gift. When I see someone in distress, I can bring this person to the Lord.

This is the concrete way how men approached this in the Gospel:

 »…and some people came carrying a crippled man on a mat. They tried to take him inside the house and put him in front of Jesus. But because of the crowd, they could not get him to Jesus. So they went up on the roof, where they removed some tiles and let the mat down in the middle of the room.« (Luke 5:18-19). 

So can I, day by day, bring Jesus all the plight of people I may encounter? I ask for the blessing, thank You for this man, and commend You for God’s care.

Through prayer, I gain new strength to forgive. When I am wounded or affected by someone or some situation, God enters my heart through prayer with His forgiveness, and He can forgive me.

God is always new, a source of power that never fades away.

No matter the situation, when one invites God, He enters with fresh forces of love and new hope.

No matter how the situation in Europe looks today, if each of us in our daily prayer invites God to this situation, this will, in a very concrete way, bring more hope, compassion, forgiveness, and authentic relationships.

Even so, I am more compassionate, open, and loving to other people in need. Since God is Love and a very concrete Love, He is.

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