A Prayer for Our Leaders

Dear God,

Although we are beholden to no one but You, we also are under the authority of our leaders.

Please be with each one of our leaders today—the lawmakers in our cities and towns, and those that govern our nation. Let them be men and women who govern with justice and the truth of your righteousness.

Please give them clear minds, that they may lead with authority. Give them wisdom and the knowledge they need to make good decisions. Let their objectives be truly motivated by what is best for the people they govern, for the good of the many as well as the good of the few.

Let Your Holy Spirit guide their hearts, that they may govern with mercy. Give them the courage and strength to act according to what is right, rather than what is expected or popular.

Let Your grace temper their speech, that they may always speak with decency. Let them cultivate peace and security throughout the nation through respectful and dignified words.

Please guide their actions, that they may govern with integrity and fairness. Let them work to uphold the principles to which they pledge their service.

No matter where they are on their spiritual path, let a concern for human life at every stage, from birth to death, be a guiding principle in all they do.

Dear Lord, protect our nation and bring all things together for our good, so that we as a people may serve you more faithfully.


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