Prayer for Homeless Families

Prayer, based on Matthew 2; 13-14

Evening stroll in Paris was unforgettable. Not because of the beautiful buildings and the flashing lights of Eiffel tower at each full hour.

It was a sight of homeless families, together with babies and small children, spending nights on the streets, under bridges and in the center of the town.

You, Jesus were unwanted by people at Your birth as well. You were born in a barn. Then you spent your first years together with Your parents in exile abroad. With a sudden run, Your father and mother could take away only the most important things with them.

We ask the Holy Family, which itself experienced exile, persecution and hardship, to pray for us and deliver the necessary graces for these families and especially children in need, to be able to keep their dignity.

We ask You to open our hearts, when we meet families in need. Let us be loving, generous, compassionate. And above all, in order to able to speak about it, without judging, and not run away or even look away.

Lord, spread our arms, so that we will share our belongings with them since we all received them from You.


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