Open before God

Just like every Wednesday, we celebrated the Holy Mass at the Ark, everybody joined: assistants, volunteers and of course our persons – boys and girls.

Mass is an important event for all of us, when we can bring it all to Jesus, what happens to us in everyday life – a life in the community is not always easy.

Salvatore, one of our boys, stepped inside a chapel, being slumped and depressed. He was quiet and thoughtful, completely different from his usual appearance; he always welcomes anybody, is actively participating and is also pretty lively.

When the priest Leszek gave a final blessing, Salvatore was transformed. It is difficult to describe his revival. You should have seen him in person. He stood up from the bench, visibly happy and lucky. He hurried off to both of the Crosses in the chapel, gently touched them and thanking God. His face was shining, his eyes were full of sparkles and he had a wide smile on his face. It was clear that Jesus really touched him.

I looked around the chapel and noticed that his joy was noticed by others as well and they were observing him with interest. For me this was a good proof that Jesus can make a “reset” in a single Mass, if I may express myself in a computer language. Holy Mass can be a profound source of strength – a great mystery in the relationship between God and man. Salvatore really did receive a loving touch of Jesus.

Each of us tastes things in their own way. I invite you to discover by yourself, what God wants you to deliver through the Holy Mass. We can celebrate the Mass in our spirit. Right now, in this moment, somewhere in the world this holy rite is celebrated.

Together we stand before Jesus in front of the altar and watch how the priest prays the following PRAYER: During the meal Jesus took some bread in his hands. He blessed the bread and broke it.

Then he gave it to his disciples and said, “Take this and eat it. This is my body.” Jesus picked up a cup of wine and gave thanks to God. He then gave it to his disciples and said, “Take this and drink it. This is my blood, and with it God makes his agreement with you. It will be poured out, so that many people will have their sins forgiven.

With these words, the priest blesses the bread and wine, which, according to our faith transforms in the blood and body of Jesus, something that our Savior donates to his Father. At the time of the prayer Jesus blesses our efforts and increases our hope, strength and joy. He takes our burdens, disease, our predicament and actions to himself so we can be pure in front of the Father.

We have an opportunity to start living free now, with help of His power and His love. The only thing you need is your consent that you want to accept Jesus’ touch – same consent as Salvatore made. Let us pray together:

Jesus, in this Holy Mass I want to become more like You. Scan me with Your love and light so that I can realize and recognize all bad – thoughts, words and actions that choke me. Help me to dispel all doubts over You and strengthen my will and my faith. I am happy to accept Your gift, which You want to give me today. Thank You for all the wonderful things that we have been given – family, friends, work, studies, hobbies … Please bless all these things so that I can grow in relationships and in an environment where You sent me.

Lord, I would like to better know and understand what You have prepared for me. Let Your Body and Blood become an indispensable source of strength for my life. Amen.

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