Lord, Bless Our Home

Father, thank You for a pleasant home. I thank You so much that I can feel comfortable in it. Thank You for giving me warm water, enough food, and a kitchen where I can prepare food for my family. Thank You for a warm bed, and for the couch, where I can take a nap or dive into a good book.

Thank You for giving me enough space to be able to exercise and create, no matter how large or small. Above all, I am grateful for a dwelling in which I can be genuine, in which I can grow, in which I can be myself. Through my safe home base, I open myself to others and to the world.

Lord, You teach me that nothing is taken for granted in this world. I see this more and more every day. Thank You for being here with me and with my family. I invite You to become even more at home with us. Let everyone feel Your presence and life among us and see You acting in our lives.

Dear Jesus, please bless our home!

I also pray to You for all the people who have lost their home for any reason and are looking for safe shelter. Lord, help them in their distress and bring them to a new place of security. Let them not feel lonely and help them find people who are generous and compassionate toward them. 

Most of all, let Your presence fill our lives so that wherever we live will always be a safe, godly, peaceful place.


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  1. changrui Avatar

    A wise man scales the city of the mighty and brings down the stronghold in which they trust.
    proverbs 21:22

  2. changrui Avatar

    Be strong

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