A Temple of Your Spirit

Prayer, based on 1 Corinthians 6,19-20

When I once rode in Rome crowded Metro, I was touched by a realisation how fragile and diverse at the same time we all are. Normally, we keep a wider intimate circle at public spaces, however at that moment, I somehow felt closer to others. Through my body.

We all have a body, alive, and we all have so many different skills. Through our bodies we can build relationships with others – with views, touch, gestures, words. Our features make us special. What beauty and mystery at the same time in each of us!

In Cottolengo, as I am now helping the elderly, this perception has only became stronger. Physical fragility of these people forces me to become a more attentive, gentle, considerate to others. I sense what inner strength, love and patience is required for doing a simple tasks, such as dressing, feeding, washing…

It all starts with our bodies.

Lord, I thank You for my body, which You gave to me. Show me how to discover Your will by using my body. Teach me to use it in a right way. So I will be able to connect to others and with You.

Teach me to use my eyes and ears of my soul, to see, feel and truly be able to become a temple of Your Spirit.

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