A Prayer for Success

Happy New Year! Thank you, God, for keeping us alive and safe for the whole year. Now that another year has begun, let us strive for success.  Here is a prayer to help you on your way.

Father, I am ever thankful for everything you have done for me. You have always been with me—from my first breath, first thought, and first steps, all the way to where I am now. I know that I am not always on my best behavior, yet You never leave my side. 

Whether I am just starting out or whether I have been striving for some time, I humbly ask You to grant me the wisdom to know what to do and the perseverance to pursue success. Without your guidance, I am nothing and will remain nothing until the day of my death.

I ask that any success You give me will not be only for me, but beneficial for my family and country, and You. Father, I ask this so that I may not be tempted to selfishness. You know there is no malice inside my heart.

If it is not your will, then I’ll trust in you because I know you have a better plan for me. But if You are willing to grant me my humble request, I will do my best to honor it by serving You and by helping others to be successful as well. With that, I also ask for humility, that I may not forget this vow.

All this I ask in Your most Holy Name, my Lord Jesus Christ.  


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