A Prayer in Moments of Self-Pity

This prayer is for anyone who finds self-pity difficult to resist. Reach out to God, asking Him to free you from this burden in the face of loss, pain, or frustration.


Please help me in the moments when I would like to give in to the spiral of self-pity that pulls me to the bottom.

Father, I find time and time again that I am weakest when I have to react quickly, when I am running out of time, or when I am overwhelmed by helplessness or loneliness. Self-pity comes to me when I am not sleeping, when I’m overwhelmed with work, or when things just aren’t working.

Lord, I ask You to come to my aid. Like King David, I call to You:

In You our ancestors put their trust; they trusted and You delivered them. To You they cried out and were saved; in You they trusted and were not put to shame.

Psalm 22: 4-5

So today, I put before You my challenges and my self-pity, and I ask You to free me from its grip.

God, I submit my will to Yours and give space to You. Thank You, Jesus, for lifting me up and bringing me clarity. Thank You, my Creator. With You, I realize that You have a better plan for this situation, this ordeal of mine.

Thank You for hearing me. I’m so grateful that I can honestly admit to You what weighs on me. Thank You for letting me tell You how I feel. Thank You for changing my mood into acceptance and giving me compassion for others. Thank You for encouraging me to face the pain that draws me even closer to Your merciful Heart.

Triumphant King, thank You for Your victory on the cross, which feeds me. Through Your sacrifice, I can get up again and deal with the challenges You set for me.

I see You dissolving my arrogance, selfishness, and complacency with Your merciful gaze and love.

Thank You for giving me this wonderful opportunity to acknowledge again that You are greater than all external circumstances. Thank You for still allowing me to be Your child.

Jesus, bless all who have found themselves in a similar battle. Thank You for teaching me greater humility through this flaw of mine.


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