5 Powerful Healing Verses From Bible

The Bible has many verses that offer hope, encouragement, and comfort to those who are facing health challenges. Here are some powerful healing verses from Bible that you can claim by faith:

5 healing Verses from Bible

“Come, let’s return to the Lord; for it is he who has injured us and will heal us; he has struck us down, but he will bind us up.”

Hosea 6:1

The Lord is our healer. When we are struggling and feel like we have been struck by life, we can return to him and he will heal us.

He is the one who knows how to bind up our wounds and make us whole again. We need only to turn to him in faith and ask for his help.

“It wasn’t any herb or ointment that healed them but your word alone, Lord, which heals everything.”

Wisdom 16:12

When we are sick, we often turn to medical help in the form of doctors and medication. However, there is another source of healing that we can turn to – God.

This verse reminds us that it is ultimately God’s power – not any human intervention – that can heal us.

“But now I will heal and mend them. I will make them whole and bless them with an abundance of peace and security.”

Jeremiah 33:6

This verse from Jeremiah offers hope for those who are broken and hurting. God promises to heal us and make us whole again.

He will bless us with peace and restore our joy. If you’re feeling brokenhearted or wounded, know that God is near. He wants to bring healing into your life.

“I have seen their ways, but I will heal them. I will guide them and reward them with comfort. And for those who mourn, I will create reason for praise: utter prosperity to those far and near, and I will heal them, says the Lord.”

Isaiah 57:18-19

This verse reminds us that even when we feel like we are at our lowest, God is still there with us.

He sees our pain and suffering and has promised to heal us. He will also guide us through this difficult time and provide us with comfort.

“Let my whole being bless the Lord and never forget all his good deeds: how God forgives all your sins, heals all your sickness.”

Psalm 103:2-3

When we bless the Lord, we are proclaiming His goodness and mercy. We are also thankful for all the good things He has done for us, including forgiving our sins.

When we remember how good God is, it helps us to overcome our challenges and keep going despite difficult times.

It is also a reminder that no matter what happens in this life, God is ultimately in control.

We hope you find these powerful healing verses from Bible helpful. Open yourself and let God touch your body, mind and spirit with His healing hand.

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