5 Beautiful Children’s Morning Prayers

Children’s morning prayers encourage little ones to give themselves and their day to God—every day. May God bless them in the morning and throughout the day!

Dear God, Good Morning

Dear God, good morning. How did You sleep? I rested very well. 

Today I will be able to play with my sibling(s) again. Please play and be with us all day. 

Bless all my toys, my sibling(s), parents, and grandparents. Let me love my parents even more. 

Thank You for caring so much for me and teaching me so many new things. Surround us with Your love today. 


I Love You, Jesus

Hi, I love You, Jesus. Thank You for this day You created. 

I’m going to school again today. Help me be kind and have a nice time with my friends. Protect me, and my parents too.

Can You also help me with tidying up toys and other household chores that are not going well for me? I want to become more responsible. Remind me to clean up after myself every time I forget. 


I Give Myself to You

Jesus, now I give myself to You. Bless me all over. Especially my eyes, lips, nose, ears, and heart. 

Protect me. May my feet and heart never fall into a trap or be fooled because I am afraid of what You want me to do. Please guide me in this day and help me learn and play.

Help me at school and with homework, especially with reading and numbers. Remind me if I’m in trouble that I can turn to You, and You can help me. 

May this day of mine be full of joy and hope. Let me share with others every day what You give to my heart. I love You, Jesus.


Thank You for a New Day

Dear Father, thank You for a new day. Thank You for this sun and the birds singing outside. Thank You for our home, our neighbors, and friends I can hang out with.

If I don’t yet have good friends, please send me kind people to spend time with. Help us to be nice to each other and not argue.

Thank You for everything I will receive this day and all the new things I will learn. 

Thank You for my home and my parents. Help them overcome their problems and help me with mine. I ask You to get me up in the morning with great joy as I discover what treasure awaits me this day.


Thank You for Waking Me Up

Jesus, thank You for waking me up this morning and helping me get dressed and take my first steps on this day. Thank You for being with me when I see myself in the mirror, and for telling me how wonderfully created I am. 

Thank You for giving me food to eat. Help me be grateful for what You have given me. Thank You for school, where I can learn new things. Thank You for all the fun and play that brings relaxation and joy. 

Thank You for homework, too, since it helps my brain get stronger and teaches me to work harder. May I take one step closer to You this day, dear Jesus, and sleep sweetly in Your embrace in the evening. 


Make Your Own Children’s Morning Prayers

Most adults learn to pray by memorizing prayers. The Lord’s Prayer was given to us to teach us how to pray. As we become more comfortable praying, we start to make our own prayers.

When you and your children have explored the children’s morning prayers above, think about the things you like most about each of them and things that you might have thought were missing. Then, create your own morning prayers.

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