Travis Greene: ‘God Shapes What We Should Desire’

Travis Greene is a name familiar to many through his award-winning music and his role as the pastor of Forward City Church in Columbia, SC.

Greene is currently focused on a new book, “Are You Praying for The Wrong Thing.”

Despite the title, Greene clarifies that the book is less about prayer and more about stewardship.

Greene believes many people are frustrated with unanswered prayers because they focus on miraculous interventions rather than practical management.

He explains that the key is to shift from simply being loved by God to being trusted by Him—a state he calls the “Trust Zone.”

In this zone, believers can handle more responsibilities and be entrusted with Heaven’s resources.

Greene wants readers to rethink their relationship with God, not seeing Him as a genie who grants wishes but as a sovereign who guides and provides.

He emphasizes the importance of delighting in God, which aligns our desires with His will.

This perspective is transformative. We move from expecting God to fulfill our personal desires to understanding that He shapes what we should desire.

Balancing his roles as a husband, father, artist, and pastor, Greene emphasizes that it’s not about seeking more to do but about properly managing what God has given.

He recounts how he initially resisted God’s call to start Forward City Church, listing numerous reasons it was a bad idea.

Yet, he found that God countered all his excuses with grace, guiding him step by step.

Greene’s journey illustrates the importance of faith and obedience, even when the destination is unclear.

Musically, Greene is preparing to return to the studio in Nashville for a solo project after spending several years focused on his church’s worship team.

Through his book and music, Greene continues to inspire and challenge believers to deepen their faith and trust in God’s plan.

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