‘The Chosen’ Creator Dallas Jenkins Discusses Pornography Struggles

Dallas Jenkins, the creative force behind “The Chosen,” recently revealed his personal and professional challenges during a revealing interview with The Beat’s Allen Parr.

Jenkins candidly discussed his past struggles with narcissism and pornography, which have profoundly shaped his journey. He reflected on his need for affirmation and how a career setback 2017 forced him to confront his people-pleasing tendencies and turn to Scripture for transformation.

The filmmaker shared that his battle with pornography addiction had re-emerged despite years of dormancy, prompting a profound personal and spiritual overhaul. Jenkins emphasized the importance of replacing harmful habits with scriptural study and aligning his actions with divine intentions rather than human approval.

Jenkins also addressed various criticisms faced by “The Chosen,” the first multi-season series depicting the life of Jesus Christ. The show has gained international acclaim and is currently in its fourth season. Jenkins highlighted the misinterpretations of certain scenes, advocating for a deeper understanding over shallow judgments.

Regarding diverse personal expressions among his crew, Jenkins noted the inclusivity on set, exemplified by a gay camera operator with a pride flag and a caterer wearing a MAGA hat. He stressed that personal beliefs are secondary to professional commitment and teamwork.

Jenkins further discussed his affiliation with the Mormon-owned Angel Studios. He clarified that while the studio played a crucial role in launching “The Chosen,” it did not influence the show’s content. His commitment to Evangelical Christian beliefs remains unaltered despite his friendships with Mormons, emphasizing nuanced theological discussions rather than doctrinal rigidity.

In conclusion, Jenkins reiterated his openness to constructive criticism and urged the public to engage with “The Chosen” on its own merits, focusing on its core messages rather than peripheral controversies or assumptions.

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