The Chosen’s Jonathan Roumie: “By His grace, I’ve been lifted from despair”

Jonathan Roumie, known for his role as Jesus in the global phenomenon The Chosen, credits his humility to the life and teachings of Christ, stating, “Without Jesus, ‘I am nothing.'”

Roumie, who has captured the hearts of over 200 million viewers worldwide, is frequently recognized as the face of Jesus on screen and in everyday encounters. Despite his widespread recognition, he remains grounded, attributing all his success to divine intervention.

In an interview with Crosswalk Headlines, Roumie reflected on his earlier days as a struggling actor. He recalled the challenges he faced before his breakthrough role, emphasizing that his faith and the example of Jesus have been central to maintaining his humility.

This year, The Chosen garnered a nomination for the 2024 K-Love Fan Award in the Film Impact category. The new season premieres this Friday on TBN.

Roumie reflects Christ’s humility, particularly His profound example of sacrifice on the cross. Everything I’ve gone through led me to surrender to Him, and by His grace, I’ve been lifted from despair to where I am today,” he shared.

The actor also stressed the importance of staying true to one’s faith and remaining grounded. Working with showrunner Dallas Jenkins and actress Liz Tabish, he is continually reminded of The Chosen’s modest beginnings.

Reflecting on the early days, Jenkins noted that humility was a common thread among the cast, especially given the initial uncertainty surrounding the show’s success. He believes this shared humility has shaped the show’s development.

Roumie’s role has deepened his faith and prayer life, enriching his understanding of Jesus’s teachings and impact. His portrayal has been a career-defining opportunity and a transformative spiritual journey.

“The deeper I delve into Jesus’s life and words, the more my soul is stirred,” Roumie concluded, emphasizing the profound effect that embodying Christ has had on him personally and professionally.

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