The Child Loved by God: How to Find Joy in God-Centered Parenting

Embracing Parenthood Through Faith

Have you ever wondered how to balance the love for your children with an even greater love for God? Sarah Edwards, a devout follower of Christ and a mother to eleven, navigated this intricate dance daily.

Her story provides a heartfelt blueprint for modern Christian parenting, especially when reflecting on her mantra that nearness to Christ is the ultimate joy.

Sarah married young and faced the daunting task of childbirth and motherhood at a time when both were fraught with danger.

Yet, her faith and her home, always bustling with guests, radiated joy and the presence of God. How did she maintain such a spirit? It was her profound belief that children are not just a responsibility but a gift from God—a sentiment deeply rooted in the love and grace of Christ.

“The Child Loved by God” and The Discipline of Love

In training her children, Sarah opted for gentle guidance over harsh discipline. Her method was simple yet powerful: lead with calm and gentle words, ensuring that each child felt respected and loved.

This approach fostered an environment where children were not just obedient, but eager to participate in family and faith activities.

“Why do children thrive in a loving, godly environment?” one might ask. It’s because they perceive the reflection of God’s love through their parents. Sarah’s home was a testament to this, as visitors like George Whitefield noticed the joy and godliness that filled the air.

A Legacy of Faith and the Role of God in Parenting

However, Sarah knew that a godly home doesn’t automatically guarantee that children will embrace faith as adults. She and her husband actively engaged their children in spiritual conversations to kindle personal faith experiences. This proactive spiritual mentoring highlights an essential truth for all Christian parents: the spiritual formation of the child is nurtured through individual encounters with God’s grace.

How can we apply Sarah’s insights to our own lives? It starts by viewing every child as “the child loved by God,” an eternal soul entrusted to us by the Creator. Each day presents a new opportunity to point them back to Him.

Trusting God with Our Children

Sarah’s journey wasn’t without heartache. She endured the pain of losing a child, but even in profound grief, her faith remained unshaken. She often recited Psalm 145:4,

“One generation shall commend your works to another, and shall declare your mighty acts,”

as a reminder of God’s everlasting presence and plan.

So, what does it truly mean to trust God with our children? It means believing that no matter the challenges,

“God works all things together for good for those who love Him” (Romans 8:28).

It’s a trust that empowers us to surrender our deepest worries and to teach our children to rely on God’s infinite wisdom and love.

Conclusion: “The Child Loved by God” in a Modern World

In today’s society, where the worth of children can be undervalued, Sarah Edwards’s example is a beacon of hope and a call to rediscover the joy of parenting in God’s design. Whether our children are born to us or brought to us by other means, they are each “the child loved by God,” precious in His sight and ours.

As we reflect on her life and lessons, let’s ask ourselves: Are we equipping our children to be the next torchbearers of faith? How are we demonstrating that they, too, are “the child loved by God”? Let’s ensure our legacy is one of faith, hope, and love, deeply rooted in the eternal joy of Christ.

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