Prayer for Fallen-away Catholic

Almost all of us have someone in our lives who considers themselves a “fallen-away Catholic” for one reason or another. Their reasons are their own, between them and God the Father. 

With this prayer for fallen-away Catholic we pray they will once again find the light of Christ and be led by the Good Shepherd back to the flock. Pray it with us.

Prayer for fallen-away Catholic

Lord, my Shepherd, help me to be a beacon to those who have drifted into darkness, who have fallen-away from your light. 

Prayer for fallen away catholic

May I be an instrument of encouragement and peace to the members of your flock who have lost their way, and search longingly for the comfort of your welcoming arms. 

Help me to reach with a gentle hand for those who have stumbled, for those who have severed themselves from your Church, for those who have all but forgotten the infinite depth of your love for us. 

Give my tongue words of encouragement and support, though I am afraid. Let me offer my ears to listen without judgement, for you alone can judge. Move their hearts through your Holy Spirit towards a desire to return to your flock and salvation through Jesus Christ, your Son. 

Loving God, have mercy on your children who have strayed and abandoned the truth of their faith. Open their eyes and ears that they may see and hear the goodness of your word. 

Soften their hearts that they may once again feel the fire of your love. Sow in them radiant seeds of hope. 

God our Father, restore in them the practice of their faith, and remove the barriers that hinder their return to you. 

Grant your blessings upon our lost brothers and sisters, and may your grace protect and keep them from harm. May they receive your forgiveness for their sins and be restored through the blessed sacraments.

Fill their hearts with longing to once again feel the forgiveness of sins and the joy of reunion with their family in Christ. 

Lord God, look graciously upon us, your children; grant us patience and fortitude and an always-open heart to receive the bounty of your blessings. Restore what has been lost and yearns to be found.  May we be your light in the darkness for those who seek. Amen. 

Prayer for fallen away catholic

Is the fallen-away Catholic destined to remain that way?

Some may believe there’s no reason to say a prayer for fallen-away catholic, but there is a  quote that says, “Once a Catholic, always a Catholic.” 

It’s also said that what drove a Catholic away from the faith is often the very thing that draws them back. We can encourage our brothers and sisters who have drifted away to pay attention to that voice they hear, no matter how faint or small. It’s God the Father, asking you to come home.

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