Morning Prayer for Kids: Building Your Children’s Prayer Habit

The Bible teaches us how profitable it is for our children to walk in the way of the Lord early in life. With this morning prayer for kids, you can easily show them how to speak with the Father daily, training them to know Him personally.

One of the most significant stages of our children’s lives is when they learn how to speak to God as Father and find fellowship with Him as something enjoyable.

Remember what the Bible tells us in Proverbs 22:6:

“Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.”

“The way of the Lord” here describes how the child would pattern their life both in words and actions in a manner that pleases the Lord and fulfills His purposes through them on the earth.

It is important to note that such training must start early in the child’s life. You can guarantee that as you carry your children along in prayer while praying for them in your closet, they will grow to love God and serve Him with their lives.

Let’s see how these prayers for kids can help your kids surrender to the rule of God’s word, setting them on a godly path and up for a brighter future.

Morning Prayer for Kids To Learn To Spend Time With God

Children are naturally curious and smart, so they can easily learn from what they see and hear—so, telling them to say a prayer without showing them how is like telling them not to do anything at all.

Jesus was once asked by his disciples to teach them how to pray. We can learn by Jesus’ example. He didn’t give them a book or a list of what to pray for. Rather, he showed them how to do it by example. He taught them how to pray by praying.

In the same way, you should also teach your child how to pray by praying with them and getting them to say those faith-filled words with you. Always be patient and lovingly practice how to pray along with them.

If you are thinking of where to get a powerful good morning prayer for children, then you are in the right place. Let’s see some of these prayers naturally designed for kids to pray with.

  1. Dear Holy Father,

I thank you for giving us the sun to shine during the day and for the moon to give us light during the night. Seeing their light daily shows me that you are always watching over me.

I know that no matter what I face, you will always help me. I believe that you love little children, and you will answer me when I call on you. I thank you, God, for always being kind to me and my family. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

  1. Dear Father,

I thank you for allowing me and my family to see another new day. Thank you for always making sure that there is peace in our house and that there is food on our table.

I ask that you will always provide for our needs and bless the business of my parents. Give us ears to hear and the heart to do what you are saying to us. Thank you for Father Lord. Amen.

  1. Dear Jesus, hear this prayer I make to you today. Help me to be strong before my friends and not to be found in doubt or hide in fear.

Help my eyes to see all the good people you send my way. You are wise, Lord. Please, guide me to always choose the right friends to walk with and avoid the wrong ones. In Jesus’ name, I pray, Amen.

  1. Dear loving Father,

Please, help me remember you are the eye that sees me, Christ Jesus. Let me also have the eyes that see Christ in others. May I not be found judging or seeing the wrong in those around me.

May I always find it easy to forgive those who offend me because I know that it was through Christ’s pardoning that we are pardoned.

Help me, Father, to love them like you do. Let everyone who comes near me feel your love for them. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

  1. Dear Lord,

I pray that you keep me and my loved ones safe.  Let your Holy Spirit guide us so that we are far from things that can harm us.

Because I know that I am your child, I believe that you will never leave me nor forsake me. I am sure that you will shield me every time I encounter things that are beyond me.

With your Son, Christ beneath me, Christ above me, before me, and beside me, I will walk and live boldly without fear. Thank you for being my Father and my safety. Amen

  1. Thank you, Father, for how far you have brought my family. Thank you for the rest and for shelter; even when the cloud brings some pain, you are always there to bear it all for us.

Thank you for the life that we have in you, for it is in your dying that we are born, born to eternal life.

May this day be filled with your unending love. That love gives me the assurance that you are always near. Amen.

Morning prayer for kids, whether they are taught by their parents, in school, or in church, will help them maintain an air of positivity and a peaceful mindset.

Want to have them confident, with a sense of purpose and direction, then teach your children to spend time with God as often as possible.

Prayers for Kids will always administer calmness and serenity to the heart of a troubled child. Why? Because in prayer, we are reminded that God will always remember His holy covenant with those who serve Him.

It is you putting your child into God’s hands. That fellowship, when built into a habit, will become the best gift you could ever give them.

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